Monday, July 11, 2011


Do you ever get distracted? Maybe you have had an agenda, list, or goal that somehow just didn't get done...this has been me lately. 

Where did the time go?
Why didn't I get more done today?
What happened to last week, last month?

First of all, I am getting married in less than three weeks. My procrastination mindset thinks (three weeks is plenty of time!)...however my common sense mindset reminds me how quickly I can get distracted. 

I am the queen of taking a couple of hours where I should be accomplishing things, and instead end up doing other things that aren't really urgent or productive. 

I get distracted from my goal...thinking that there will always be more time.

I do this with homework, and wedding planning...

and I think we do this with God too. 

How easily we get distracted from our urgent goal and purpose in life. To love God and love others. We think that life is about our happiness, comfort, success, etc... but often these things become distractions from what life is really about. 

I have been struggling with finding time in the word. I just don't have time this morning is usually my reasoning. However, I have time to do my hair, makeup, eat breakfast, check facebook, and get coffee? 

What is my focus? What is distracting me from my mission? What really matters in life? 

The book of Ecclesiastes explains that everything apart from Jesus is completely meaningless. The danger of distractions is keeping us from daily connecting with the source of life and meaning. 

What distractions in your life may be taking your focus off Christ?

"Your focus becomes your reality"

"Keep your eyes on Jesus, who both began and finished this race we're in."