Monday, May 23, 2011

welcome to my weekend

I'm here again to share a little weekend recap with you all! As always, pictures tell the best stories :) 

Friday, we visited our (almost) townhouse! We were approved by the bank, but are now waiting on a closing date! God is faithful! We are continuing to trust Him! 

Saturday, I took senior pictures! It stopped raining for about 2 hours...and was perfect for pictures :) 

Sunday, was spent mostly at church! We put on a spaghetti dinner and raffle drawing to raise money for our youth missions trips this summer! Such fun! 

We also spent some time watching the news and praying.

A tornado hit Minneapolis, devastating homes and families.

I'm praying for peace and hope for these families! 

My week ahead is a very busy one! Every day is packed full, but there are many exciting things! Work, school, marriage counseling, work picnic, two bridal showers, grad party, and a week from today is my prince's birthday!! Phew!

Bring it on week, here I come! 



  1. Hope your raffle and dinner went well! Cute pictures, I can't wait to see the house in person--see you tonight, ya? =)

  2. how fun to be almost closing :)
    i had no idea a tornado hit Minneapolis... wow

  3. Congratulations on the house! How awesome! And praying for those in Minneapolis as well.

  4. YAY for the townhouse! I am SO happy for you :)

  5. I am just stopping by from your sisters blog and I just wanted to tell you congratulations on your upcoming marriage, and well the house too!!!