Wednesday, February 22, 2012

always carry floss

Everyday Lessons from my life to yours :)

1. Don't cross your eyes for too long

You might get a headache

2. Never go grocery shopping hungry

You can come home with the strangest things

3. Don't leave an opened bottle of peppermint extract in your car

unless you need a new air freshener

4. Don't wear clothes you really like to work if you are a preschool teacher

you might become a fan of the tie dye fashion

5. Don't spray hairspray when your mouth is open

It's just is not a good experience

6. Always carry floss

enough said :)



  1. Hey Laura!

    Haha love the hairspray advice, too true! :)

  2. i really like #4! that happens to me a lot but i never learn from it.. lol

  3. HAHA! Best post EVER! I am always "eating" hairspray when I'm at the salon. I forget to stop talking when I'm spraying, or the girl next to me is. It's the worst thing EVER!