Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Hello friends!
I know it's Tuesday already, but I wanted to share some pictures with you from my busy weekend!

I got a haircut! 

We also had dinner and played games with this cute couple :) 

We went to a cute 3-year-olds birthday party
Then watched a movie with another fun couple!

We had LOTS of treats and sweets

I took my small group of 8th and 9th grade girls to the mall! We had lunch, did some shopping, and had a little scavenger hunt :) 

My friend and other small group leader, Kate :) 

Then of course we watched the superbowl and ate some MORE treats...


How was your weekend? 



  1. Your hair cut looks so good! You are gorgeous :)

  2. ok so I thought you would be interested to know that NO ONE has ever heard of the word oofta here in the south!! When I say it they look at me really confused-like.. I makes me happy to hear someone else use it! Love your haircut :)

  3. Love the hair cut!! I found your blog over at Little Black Button! Your blog is cute, I'm also a newlywed! I love your wedding pics..I'd love it if you followed me back! bridgetbakes.blogspot.com