Friday, March 16, 2012


Do you ever have one of those days? 
You know...the ones where you just want to run away, shut down, or curl up and cry? 

Well this was me the other day. Nothing big or horrible happened...
It was simply a bunch of little things that kept piling on top of each other. Before I knew it, I was feeling annoyed, angry, and insecure, and overwhelmed. 

Why God?

Why do these little things have to be so hard? 
Why do I have to feel this way?
Why don't you make it easier?

I asked God these questions, and I didn't get an answer right away. 
But, today on my way home from work the song STRONGER by Mandisa came on the radio. As soon as I recognized the song, I clearly heard God's voice.

Laura, your human vision can only go so far. You see your present circumstances, while I see your future. You see your weaknesses, while I see someone I can make strong. You see who you are now, while I see who I made you to be. I care about you more than you know. This may hurt a little, but I am changing your heart. I am the potter, and you are the clay. This is going to make you stronger.

Stronger by Mandisa

When the waves are taking you under
Hold on just a little bit longer
He knows that this is gonna make you stronger, stronger
The pain ain't gonna last forever
In time it's gonna get better
Believe me
This is gonna make you stronger



  1. I've had one of those weeks myself. I keep saying Is. 26:3 over and over..."God will keep them in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Him."
    Great post...=)

    Kristina J.

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