Friday, September 30, 2011


I feel like I have been a little 'out of it' when it comes to the blog world. It's not necessarily a lack of interest, time, or thoughts...instead...

I feel like I am being bombarded with distractions.

I may open my computer with the intention of accomplishing one thing ( say... a blog post, or some homework ) , but somehow I end up doing something 5 other things completely different than what I had planned.  

For example,

Facebook, blogger, pinterest, stumble-upon, my three different e-mails, youtube, google, etc...

Is anyone with me?? 

We live in a world full of distractions

The word distract literally means

1. To cause to turn away from the original focus of attention or interest; divert.

Ok, so here's the scoop.

Often times, what we are distracted by are not necessarily bad things.

However, I think we focus too much on the distraction, then what we are being distracted from.

"...The original focus of attention..."

Honestly, I started this post with no intention of it being about God...but I think I have been distracted myself. 

What am I distracted from?

My original focus of attention for my life is to point people to Jesus Christ. When I am not doing this...I am being distracted. 

I truly believe that one of Satan's biggest tactics is to keep us busy and distracted. If we don't focus our attention on God...we will not live our lives for God...and we will not point people to Jesus. 

Just like I can spend hours clicking an endless number of links on an endless number of Internet sites...
Our days, weeks, and months can too easily become a link of distractions keeping us from our original focus of attention. 


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