Sunday, September 25, 2011

food, friends, family, football

My weekend was
 filled with food, friends, family, and football
(say that 10 times really fast :)) 

we went to the restaurant "Hell's Kitchen" with some friends!
It was quite an interesting place...but the food was yummy!

The menu told me my sandwich was on of the "best 50 sandwiches in America!" 

We were ready to eat!

We had another fun couple over for dinner.

We made our own individual pizzas!

I must say...they were quite delish.

dessert is a must!

My prince wanted to register for this game because he thought it had a funny name. haha.
We played, and it was actually pretty fun? 

We got together with family for lunch and football.

I brought some peanut butter cookies!

and forgot to take pictures of the yummy food :(

But got some with my cute nieces!


I will not even mention how disappointing the Vikings are. Nope. 
(but I still like to wear my sparkly pink Peterson jersey)

My prince and I are going to end the night with some Cribbage...yes we are that cool.

Here's to another week! 


(still working on thank you cards)

How long did it take you?? Any advice??



  1. Took us 6 months {I know terrible} We sent them out with our christmas cards/pregnancy announcement lol!

  2. I was HORRIBLE because we were both sick with bronchitis right after the wedding and then I started nursing school, which consumed ALL my time. So it took me almost a year :(