Sunday, December 18, 2011

Choir, Christmas, and Cribbage

It's the week of Christmas! Wow!
 I must say that it doesn't quite feel like Christmas with no snow...but I'm still dreaming of a white Christmas :) You never know what will happen with Minnesota weather! 

Any who, I had a great weekend! 

my prince and I went to a high school choir concert of a girl in our youth group. It brought me down memory lane (I was in choir in high school :)) 

Then we went out to a Mexican restaurant...yum! 

we celebrated Christmas with some of my prince's side of the family!

LOVE him.

My prince had wrapping paper with his name on it!

We got a beautiful handmade cross!

The dice game!

My prize from the game...I mostly liked the basket :)
while my prince was at the Vikings game, I had some girl-time with a friend! 
Lunch and a movie.

We saw the movie "New Years Eve" was cute! 

We then went to Dunn Bros and played Cribbage...yes Cribbage. However, the pegs were missing so we had to improvise (earings) :D 

How was your weekend?
Do you have a busy week ahead? I sure do! 

Tomorrow night I am having my small group of 8th and 9th grade girls over. 
Tuesday night is my nieces birthday party.
Wednesday night is youth group, and a staff party.
Thursday night is ice skating.
...and then it is the weekend of CHRISTmas! 

This week, remember this:

"There is never a time when Jesus isn't right there. He always has the time, a listening ear, and a gentle word." 



  1. What a fun weekend!! I love the dice game, looks like you got an awesome gift! I have been wanting to see New Years Eve, I've heard a lot of good things about! Good luck with your busy week, mine's crazy too and I will keep that last reminder in mind this week :)

  2. So fun Laur! :) See you tonight for the parrrrtay for Aimee Marie! Yay!