Sunday, January 9, 2011

boat pictures!

The weekend is coming to an end, and I start classes again tomorrow! Mondays are my busy days...I will have classes from 1:00 to 9:30! Yikes!

I had told you that Saturday I was going to look at a reception site...well we loved the boat in Stillwater! Here are some pictures!

this is the Jubilee II...picture it on a warm July night :)

there are three levels and lots of deck space! 

this is the second level...all the windows open up! 

the dance floor :) 

they say we can set it up and decorate however we want! 

we are super duper excited! 



  1. I love the boat Laura! Your going to have an awesome wedding!!

  2. What a great idea, Laura!! I love the boat! hoW AMAZING!

  3. Yay :-) That is soooo happy, Happy!! I love it!! Gorgeous photos!