Monday, January 3, 2011


It's Monday night...and I am still recovering from Friday! My prince and I stayed up ALL night with the Youth group at our new church. I was so determined to stay awake...I had some Mountain Dew! (Which I haven't had a sip of in like 4 years)! Anyways, the night/morning was filled with games, music, food, and lots of pictures! here are a few :)

this is the youth room! 

carpet ball = my new fav.

yummmmy pizza

everyone loved the band STR! 

this was around 2:30 a.m...

breakfast at 7:30! wahoo!

tomorrow I will post about the rest of the weekend and some thoughts about 2011!! :)


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  1. You are my HERO for staying up that late. . . or... that early? ;) I would have melted at 10 o clock!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for the sweet comment! Love your blog!!!