Monday, January 17, 2011


what a filled, but wonderful weekend! I'm sure your expecting a here you go! :) pictures are my favorite way to tell stories! 

my beautiful friend Laura came to Minnesota for the weekend!

we loved the {em-pou-er} conference!! God loves his children dearly and is contantly making us who He wants us to be! We simply need to let Him!

lovely ladies! (the one in the middle is our wedding was so fun to be able to meet her)! 

bloggers unite! :)

I also took some family pictures of this cute family! 

Sunday was a very busy day. It began and ended with church, but inbetween there was a trip to David's Bridal....and I picked out a bridesmaid dress! I am very excited and will show a picture tomorrow! :) 

No work or school today! Right now I am off to get my hair done, meet my prince for lunch, do some reading (homework), and hopefully just relax! Blessings on your Monday!