Monday, April 18, 2011

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday ! (is that an oxymoron?) 

Here is a recap of my weekend :)

Friday night was a chill night for my prince and I. I must confess that we spent most of the night watching 24 :)

Saturday was a bridal shower for a sweet friend, Jonna! She is on the left next to her mom and soon to be mom-in-law. 
 my sis! 
 cute cute...this sweetie pie is going to be one of Jonna's flowergirls (and also one of mine :)) 
Saturday I also babysat my adorable nieces...we had some quality girl time (watching Strawberry Shortcake, painting nails, coloring, photo booth...)
Sunday was church, lunch with the fam, hair cut and highlight, and then a girl date with my beautiful friend Ana! We went to Big Bowl restaurant, then stocked up on junk food and watched a chick flick ("Life As We Know It"...cute movie!)

this is an old picture, but here is Ana! 

Notice that my weekend did not include any homework...(I sure have some catching up to do)!

Happy Monday to You! 



  1. Sounds like fun!! :) Highlights and cut are always a happy time in life!! <3

  2. I remember the days when Ryan and I had our lives taken over by 24... I'll admit that I enjoyed every second of it :)

  3. hahaha...Micah would get so mad at me when we watched 24 because I was constantly talking to the TV and telling Jack Bower to be careful! :) Glad you spent time with my Ana, you are such a sweet friend to her, love that you both are friends. Thanks for sharing your weekend with us!

  4. Looks like you had a wonderful weekend! You're nieces are so cute!

  5. It was so fun to see u so much this weekend and I laughed out loud at those pictures! Oh Aimee!