Thursday, April 14, 2011

In my spare time...

I feel like my blogging appearances have become a little irregular...Lately I've been a bit stressed out with school, wedding plans, work, sleep, exercise, and trying to find time to have free time.

My "free time" is when I usually fit blogging in. However, I have been obsessing over some other things lately...and I thought I should share :)


My prince "made me" start watching this incredibly addicting show. I have never really watched 24 before, and we started at season 7...but I am totally hooked. seriously. It is bad. I would recommend not watching it unless you have an abundance of time to sit and bite your nails. (haha)


My second spare time go to is any website that has to do with home decorating. Most recently I have been making a wish list on the Online Urban Outfitters Apartment Catalog :) hehe (dream on Laura). 

I am re-reading this book. Crazy Love.
You should probably read it too...just saying :) 

So when I'm not working, in class, doing homework, planning a wedding, being social, sleeping, or such...I am probably doing one of these three things! Now you know! 

I hope everyone has a Fabulous Friday!! 
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  1. Your house is going to be SO SO Cute!! :) Love it... excited to see you tomorrow!

  2. Happy Friday Friend! I hope you have a great weekend - and I must say I am so in the home decorating mood too!

  3. Sounds like you are filling your "free" time with things worth taking it. I haven't watched 24, but Ryan and I watch too much Law&Order already. Decorating? So much fun! I'll have to check out crazy love, thanks for sharing about it.

  4. Home decorating is the best! My mind has been racing lately about how I will decorate the house were hoping to get into soon! Have a fabulous weekend friend!

  5. Super cute! and Yes 24 is very addicting. serious.