Sunday, January 22, 2012

Picture this

Another week is here! Can you believe January is almost over? Are you used to writing 2012 yet? :) 

WELL here is a little recap of my weekend
picture style of course

I spent the night with some girlfriends! We went to our talented friend's art show :)

We also went to an open mic show called Friday Night Live, and got some food afterwards! 

The past week or so, I have been majorly craving a big, juicy hamburger. (Like the dreaming about it and drooling in my sleep kind of craving). So I introduce you to my meal on Friday night...a bacon blue cheese burger :) YUM. 

Notice how I chose fruit instead of fries. Just trying to make a healthy meal choice ;) HA. 

I slept in, and got some work done. Then my prince and I took his fun younger siblings to a play. It was at a high school, and some kids in our youth group were in it too! It was called "Pirates of Penzance". 

My prince's cute sisters :)

We celebrated my sweet sister-in-law's birthday!
Happy Birthday Ria! 

We went to lunch, and coffee afterwards! 

Here is me and my adorable niece :) 

My prince and I are ending the weekend with a redbox movie, and some cereal for supper! Yes, cereal for supper is a regular occurrence :) 

How do you wind down and prepare for a new week? 



  1. Redbox is wonderful! I watched Tangled Saturday night and LOVED it :)

    1. You were at Pirates of Penzance that night too?? Did you see it at Anoka? Crazy! I was there for my friend who played a pirate and a policeman. Wish I would have known you were there!