Monday, January 16, 2012

Weekend fun

I had a busy weekend, and had to go to work today :(

Sunday, my prince and I took our nieces on a fun outing...

(previously known as underwater world)

We were very excited to see all the fish! 

But we couldn't feed the fish any candy...such a bummer. 

The jellyfish were quite cool! 

We even saw Nemo :) 

and many many other cool creatures

We wanted to go swimming with the starfish, but could only touch them.

The gift shop toys were too expensive...yikes! 

We then went to the amazing American Girl Doll Store. Now this was exciting.

Not pictured is the Disney store where we got princess water bottles, colored, and watched some sleeping beauty. no big deal ;) 

We ended the day with some ice cream!

a little too much adventure? 

I love spending time with these adorable girls! 
And who wouldn't love sea life, extravagant dolls and the Disney store? :) 


  1. How adorable!! :) :) They will remember that!

  2. So so fun!! :) Joshy and I were at the MOA on Sunday too... that's sooooo crazy. Looks like the girls had so much fun!

  3. I love Seaworld!! What a fun day with your cute nieces!