Tuesday, March 8, 2011

coffee is healthy!

Today's post is just a little shout out and encouragement to all you coffee lovers! 

I love coffee.
I love the smell of coffee. I love the taste of coffee. I love sound of coffee brewing. 

Now I can also say that I love the health benefits of coffee.

Check out this article! It is called "5 Health Reasons to Not Quit Coffee". Seriously, this was very exciting to read :) 

1. Coffee protects your heart
2. Coffee diverts diabetes
3. Your liver loves coffee
4. Coffee boosts your brain power
5. Coffee helps your headaches

My whole family is a little obsessed with coffee. My first job ever was at Dunn Bros, and I worked at Caribou for about 2 years. Let's just say coffee has a special place in my heart :) 

Who's with me?! 


  1. Coffee is amazing. My whole family loves coffee. Then I married into a family that hates coffee. My husband hates even smelling it on my breath.

  2. You and your family :-) HA! I love it ... just not coffee ;)

  3. I love coffee. Great post Laura :)

  4. ME! I am with you!! Did you have 5 resources for this? just kidding. hehehe

  5. We're with you! Thanks for sharing this info! There are many studies that show that adding a reasonable amount of coffee to your diet can be beneficial to your health! A big plus for those of us who really enjoy drinking it. At Global Peace Factory in Frisco, TX we are also dedicated to making a difference in the world. With every cup of coffee, or every meal that we serve we donate a percentage of every sale to a local charity.