Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wish I was here Wednesday!

Hello friends! 
This Wednesday I am linking up with For Me for Wish I was here Wednesday! 

Around two years ago, my mom, my sister, and I went to Mazatlan, Mexico. It was so relaxing, fun, and beautiful!
I wish I was here.
this is me...check out my short hair!! 

simply beautiful.

The wonderful part is that I am going back to Mazatlan! This is where my prince and I are going for our honeymoon...I am beyond excited! :)

Well, there you have it for Wish I was here Wednesday! Where do you wish you were? 



  1. I wish I was back in AZ/NV. Can't wait to tell you all about it! And I'm super happy for you and Tyler's honeymoon! It will be amazing!!
    P.S. Thanks for the wonderful girl time Friday night! :)

  2. Mmmm... a Mexico vacation sounds so good right now!

  3. That is SO cool! I hope you have a BLAST there on your honeymoon - so sweet!

  4. Those pictures are amazing! SO beautiful! You will have a incredible honeymoon!

  5. I Love Mazatlan Laura! That's where I want to be!