Thursday, March 3, 2011


Tonight my prince and I went and saw the movie "The Grace Card"...check out the trailer! 

This is a great movie about loving people who are hard to love by extending Grace. God's grace given to use should overflow into us showing grace to others! 

This weekend:

Sister Road trip to Iowa! 

The sisters:

Steph(my sis)
Ria(my sis-in-law)
Jonna(Ria's sis)
Joy(Jonna's almost sis-in-law)

did you follow that? :) 

I am so excited for this girl time. We are going to Iowa to see some fellow blogger friends and attend a mini-conference at their church! Stay tuned for a recap with lots of pics! 

Blessings on your weekend! 



  1. So fun, fun, fun! SISTERS ARE THE BEST! :-) My blogger friends call there sister-in-law's... sister-in-loves, ha! We may have to steal that? So fun! See you tonight!

  2. that sounds like an amazing time! I hope you girls have safe travels and lots of fun sister time :)

  3. i am so excited and I second sister in loves.

  4. Sounds fun!! I love your blog laura! Keep it up :)