Wednesday, March 16, 2011

shoes and such :)

135 days till I marry my best friend! 

As wedding plans come together, I am getting more and more excited. Here are some updates :)

These are the shoes I will be wearing, but they are way to plain for me! I will be getting them dyed (either teal or a darker purple)...and I will be adding something to the front. I have been looking on etsy at different shoe clips that could be promising! 


My wedding band is in the process of being designed and made...I am so excited!! Next week I will be able to see a wax mold of what it will look like. I will also be getting my prince's ring! 


Today my prince and I met with a loan officer, and signed lots of papers! My dad is a realitor, and we are going to begin our house search!! 

next on our list...


Sometime soon I am planning to go to the Paper Depot! I am so excited to put together our invitations! 


We are thinking cupcakes? :)
Checking out different bakeries and ideas! 

I love advice (small or big) on planning for this big day! What do you wish you would have known while planning? 



  1. I love your blog. I got married last year and there were so many things I wish I had done differently. But a big piece of advice is to spend some time with your best friend the day before the wedding. My best friend, Isaiah, made sure we had some time together and it was nice to just do something together in the middle of the busyness.

  2. I love the shoes!! I'm also thinking of cupcakes! I would check out byerlys they are delicious and cheaper than the average bakery!

  3. My aunt and uncle work at the Paper Depot! My aunt definitely knows what she's doing with her invite designs. :) Have fun!

  4. Soooo fun! Laur - let's plan a time to SERIOUSLY go to the paper depot! :) Let me know! I want to go with you!!!

    p.s. LOVE the shoes - they are perfecto!

  5. I love everything about your wedding so far, Laura! :) It's so orginal!

  6. I had so much fun on Saturday. you are a beautiful bride sister. I love you! Enjoy every moment, you only do it once. I want to come to paper depot too you and me and mom and our sister in love have to find a time...heheheh

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  8. What I didn't know is what helped most. I didn't know that our wedding programs were not finished and that Patrick had to get them done the day of our wedding. A friend assured us he would have them...he didn't :). I didn't know that Patrick was a little late getting to our wedding because of the programming issue...hahaha I was oblivious to time, I knew that between friends, family and the limo driver I would get there on time :)
    Know that some things might not go as you had planned, that's ok your wedding will still be beautiful and if things go astray it doesn't matter, everyone is just happy to be there celebrating with you.

  9. if u don't mind me asking, who made you top header thing that has ur blog page name on it. i'm wanting something a little different for mine. i knew to the blogging community so if u could help me i would greatly appreciate it. u can email me @