Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Forever 21!

Attention Everyone! There is now a Forever 21 at Rosedale Mall! 

This is only my favorite store ever. I used to have to go all the way to Mall of America, but Saturday was the grand opening of the Rosedale store!

I was completely shocked when I walked into this store. IT IS HUGE. It took me forever just to get to the back of the store, and then I saw an escalator leading to the huge bottom level! Wowzerz :D

I could spend hours in this store...SAD. I know.

Today I have two questions for you:

1. If you had to buy all of your clothes from one store, which one would it be?? :) (bet you can't guess mine)

2. What is your favorite girl scout cookie? (this is on my mind because I have been eating like a box a day! ....yikes!) 

I would love to hear your responses! 



  1. 1. Forever 21 as well!! Looks like we are going shopping next time I come home!
    2. Thats tough, either the animal treasures, peanut butter patties, thin mints, or shortbread, depending on my mood. Although I have not had ANY this year :(
    LOVE YOU!!

  2. wow a 2 story Forever 21? crazy! Ours isn't very big here, i'm jealous!

  3. YAY!!! I knew it was coming... exciting that it is now open :-) LOVE IT!! Thanks for sharing!!