Sunday, February 13, 2011

sneak peak

My weekend recap is going to be short and sweet :) 

It is a little Sneak Peak of my posts to come! 

I LOVE my prince!

Peacock feathers inspire me!

There is more to come, but I have a busy day ahead of me and must get some sleep! 

My prince and I are not celebrating Valentines Day until Tuesday, but today (Monday) I am meeting with a lovely lady who will be making my wedding band! This is my highlight of the day, as the rest of it will be spent in class :( 

However, I am SO looking forward to Tuesday (My pretend Valentines Day :)) 

Happy Monday! Love to you all!!  



  1. :-) Love!!! Excited to hear how the ring talking goes. I am going to post a photo of my new ring from my mama. It has the "pavaying" (not sure how to spell it... that I think you will like!! :-)

  2. Ohh how exciting! Can't wait to hear how the peacock feather has inspired you! :)

  3. happy valentine's day to you guys! we are not celebrating today either! :)

  4. Happy Valentines. Stop by I have an awrad for you

  5. how did ring planning go?? love you! So fun to see you Sunday!