Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Tonight my prince and I found the perfect suits for our men for the wedding! We had looked at Men's Wearhouse, but the look and prices were just a little off....last night I was up late searching wedding blogs and found a link to H&M! This is where we found them! They are cheap and trendy...just what we wanted! :)

Picture this with a tie and different shirt :) 

My prince will wear the matching pants, vest and coat. The groomsmen will just wear the pants and vest with ties to match the bridesmaids!

Ok so as promised, I must tell you something about my prince and I that you might not know! So here I go...

We are bad dancers :) seriously I think we might have to take lessons for our first dance?



  1. Yay Laura! SO cute!! When can I see you?? I miss you. ;( hugs and love sister.

  2. Tuxes looks great! Ryan and I took dance lessons for our wedding and it was seriously a blast! We picked our first dance song and it was so flawlessly choreographed that those who didn't know we took lessons had no idea. Plus, going to the lessons, learning something new and having that bonding together was absolutely awesome!

  3. Oh those suits look so good! Your wedding is going to be beautiful!

  4. Cute Laur! O I'm excited for your wedding :)

  5. Those are PERFECT Laura!!! :-) Awesome, Awesome!!! I am sooooo excited... Josh showed me the picture on his phone last night. Good deal!

  6. I am soooooo excited for you little one!!! Love you, Auntie Sandi