Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hip Hip Horay!

Metropolitan State will be closed ALL DAY February 21 due to severe weather

Woot woot! Score! Hip hip horay! Wahooooo! 

If you haven't realized...I am excited that my classes (from 1:00 to 9:30p.m.) are canceled!! My Monday will be spent hopefully sleeping in, and then catching up on some homework. Anything beats going to class in this horible weather! 

And NOW for the weekend recap! 

Friday I hung out with my handsome prince! 

We are so cool...just admit it :) 

Saturday I had a much over-do sister date with my beautiful sis!! 

We had yummmmmmmy food at Big Bowl

shopping at yes...Forever 21 :)

coffee is our love

Sunday was spent with family! I could overwhelm you with pictures, but here are just a couple of my cutesie nieces! 


Hope you had a wonderful weekend and have a happy Presidents Day! 



  1. No fairrrr! SO happy for you :-) Yay!! Love all the pictures!

  2. have a wonderful snuggly day in!

  3. FUN! Olivia and Aimee are just the cutest darn things ever lol

  4. Yay! So fun! glad you got a day off, and I so loved seeing you so much this weekend. loves!