Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pearls and Peacocks

A few posts ago I mentioned that I was inspired by peacock feathers. Well, let me explain! 

Valentines weekend, my prince and I attended a church Valentines Dinner, and the centerpieces were beautiful. They were made mostly of peacock feathers, and I noted how the colors of the feathers seem to match the colors of our bridesmaid dresses. Well, after some chit-chatting... the lady who made the centerpieces generously let us have all of the feathers! Therefore, I am inspired! 

This is the attire (plus a tie) that the groomsmen and bridesmaids will be wearing. A touch of peacock will add some character to our wedding attire and decorations :) 

detail on the dresses

some ideas! Just creative ways to incorporate peacock feather without being overwhelming! 

add feathers into boutonnieres? :)

The bridesmaids will also be wearing pearls.

The wedding theme has become Pearls and Peacocks 

What do you think? Any ideas? :) 



  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!! so pretty, so you!!

  2. Oh my goodness! Your wedding is going to be SOOO beautiful!! I love all the ideas so far, it is really coming together :)

    p.s. Thanks for the sweet words of encouragement! I will definitely keep reminding myself of that :)

  3. O.M.G...... CUTEEEEEEE!!!!!! Oh my its going to be just so beautiful! Cant wait for your big day :)

  4. I was in a wedding this past summer and they used peacock feathers. It was beautiful!

  5. Also the middle bout is really gorgeous and the little flowers they added are usually super cheap!! Thought that might help you.

  6. THOSE BOUQUETS LOOK AWESOME, LAUR!! I love it... and that cute couple up there... too fun! :-)

  7. Aww, Ria is so cute! I love the dresses you chose - Totally rewearable! And the bouquets will go perfectly with them!

  8. LOVE IT! So unique and goregous! That will be such fun colors for your summer wedding!

    Here's a tip for your centerpieces (if your venue doesn't supply vases/holders): Instead of buying brand new, check out a bunch of Goodwills and Thirft Stores! I did this for my reception and no one knew, plus I saved a ton of money! It was a fun treasure hunt to see if each place had what I was looking for or not. :)