Thursday, December 2, 2010

Love is a Verb

Welcome to Thoughtful Thursday :)

My thought for today is this... are you ready?? ....


yes, I know that gramatically "love" can be a noun or a verb. However, in my opinion, love is only truly authentic when it is accompanied by action. If I tell my prince that I love him, yet I never do anything to show this love, my words are empty. You might be thinking, well...duh I already knew that. Well, I used to think my love was always a verb, but there is another important part to this! I might think I am showing love to someone, but they don't necessarily see it that way. Everyone has different love languages! I often try to show my prince love by gifts, or acts of service...when what he really needs are simple words of encouragement! It's hard to do, but it is important we practice new ways of showing our love. This is something I have been trying to work on lately, but it is a continuous learning process! Let's not just say we love others, but let's show we love... and be creative! I would love to hear your opinions, ideas, or stories about love as a verb.  :)

Blessings on your Thursday! Stay warm!


  1. Yay SO perfect with those pictures!! What a good book we choose, right :-) Love to you Laur!!!!

  2. good post Laura, and loving your blog :)

  3. So true!! Lately I've felt like my prince hasn't used love as a verb and I realized that I haven't either and its amazing how my actions have had a direct reaction from him. Give love and you'll receive it! Loving your blog Laura! We are learning from you!
    Love you,

  4. Yes yes yes! If we just think we love someone and never say it, or show it in the language they hear, is it really love at all? maybe selfish love but not true love. so so true.