Thursday, December 9, 2010

To Live is Christ by Trip Lee (Philippians)

Hello friends! It is a happy Thursday, and I am happy to say that I am officially DONE with school for a whole month! :) About a half an hour ago I submitted my final paper with much Joy. To make it better, I am now sitting at Dunn Brothers Coffee drinking a caramel lattee machiato...aka YUM. Can I just say that Dunn Bros is by far my favorite (corporate) coffee shop. It beats out both Caribou and Starbucks, yes? :) I think it has a little place in my heart as Dunn bros was my very first job ever! anywho...I have something I want to share with you today!

First of all, I want to introduce you to two of my very good friends...

Lecrae and Trip Lee!

Now I don't know these two personally (I wish), but I do absolutely love their music. This is the funny part...they are Christian rappers! I normally am not a big fan of rap, but seriously friends...listening to these guys pumps me up! Every song is like a 4-minute sermon on the go! Even if you are not in to this kind of music...I challenge you to look them up and try something new! They are truly on fire for God, and it shows in their music. In today's culture, this is a rare find with this type of music. I am posting a song by Trip Lee called to Live is Christ. It basically goes through the book of Philippians in a fun-to-listen-to way :] be encouraged and enjoy!


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