Sunday, December 19, 2010

weekend recap!

Wow the weekend flew by! 
Here is a recap in pictures :)

watched these two puppies...they sure have fun together! 
Rosey! She is Ria and Josh's new puppy (my sister-in-law and brother)
Charlie! He was a little tired after playing so hard.

Saturday was a Christmas celebration with my family!
my sweet Grandma Bev...we celebrated at my Grandma and Grandpa's new home! 
yummy food!
girls having fun!
we played the dice game! (have you ever played?)
we even had a puppet show! (Props to my bro-in-law Chris Page)
my prince and I :)
Livie Lou! 
My siss and me! 
Chris and grandpa
Jamie and Amy and their new piggy bank :) They are getting married about 2 weeks before our big day! This piggy bank is so they can start paying off the wedding...we need one of those! 
gifts from the dice game...cute mug, hot cocoa, and the movie The Blind Side...perfect! 

Sunday we celebrated Christmas with my prince's family, but I forgot my camera :(

Tomorrow is my niece Aimee's 4-year-old birthday party! So excited to celebrate some more! (And take more pictures)!

How was your weekend?! Do you have all your Christmas shopping done?

6 days till CHRISTmas!



  1. FUN!! Love the photos of little Rosey and Charlie :-) She lost her bow somewhere... funny girl. She hates that thing. Ha! And fun photos from the party. SUCH a bummer we couldn't be there...